Friday, October 2, 2009

The End of an Era

There is a small piece of me that thinks that I should start this post with this video from Friends:

Yes, it's true. Today I turn thirty. I guess I feel a little sad to be ending my twenties, but not as bad as I thought that I would. Actually, I think that I am handling it quite well. I guess maybe it's because my twenties were so full with so many life changing experiences that I am excited to see what this next decade will bring.

I got my first real job at twenty; a Histology Technician in a Pathology lab. The friends that I made there are still my friends today and I feel like I did some real growing up in the four years that I spent with them.

I met my husband Michael at twenty-one and he forever changed my view of love and the true definition of soul-mate. He is my other half, my shoulder to lean on, the one who makes me laugh so hard that I cry, and without a doubt, he is my best friend. I'm not sure where I would be without him and I thank God everyday that he brought him into my life.

I was engaged at twenty-two and I got married at twenty-three. I found out that I would be a mother at twenty-four and became one at twenty-five when my son, my beautiful baby boy Aaron was born. Becoming a mother changed my entire world in so many unbelievable, life-altering, mind-blowing ways that sometimes I feel like I hardly know the woman that I was before I had children, but the woman that I became is stronger than I ever thought I could be, weaker in some ways than I never knew possible, and always hopeful that I can find the right balance of both.

At twenty-six, I faced the most difficult experience that I have ever lived through when I had a miscarriage just shy of ten weeks gestation. The events of that week that led to the eventual loss are seared into my memory and heart forever, and when I think about it, it is like I can see it as clearly as if I were actually living it again.

By the grace of God, I was blessed with another pregnancy at twenty-seven, and at twenty-eight my beautiful baby girl Elyse was born. Like Aaron, she has changed me in so many ways and when I look at her it seems as if she is looking into my soul.

This year, at twenty-nine, I decided to take back some control of my life when I took off the fifty pounds that pregnancy and motherhood added. It was something that I felt was almost impossible at times, but with the support of my husband I did it. Even more incredible than that, this summer I completed a 5k. Crossing that finish line was so overwhelming, so rewarding, and such a wonderful way to put a period at the end of my twenties. I am so thankful to my friend Leslie for inspiring me to do it, and even more grateful to both her and her husband Dave for running it with me.

I started this last decade of my life single, with a new job, and hope for whatever the future held. I am closing this decade and beginning a new one married, the mother of two, and as a stay-at-home mom, I am working the most demanding job that I have ever held down, although the benefits are much greater than when I was in the workforce. As with the start of my twenties, I have hope for what the future holds, and in the next ten years I will see my little boy become a teenager, Elyse will begin school, and by the time that I turn forty, Mike and I will be three years away from twenty years of marriage.

I hope that this next decade finds me healthy and happy. I look forward to watching my children grow. I can't imagine loving Mike any more than I do now, but I know that somehow, over the next ten years I will. More than anything, I thank God for getting me to the place that I am now and I ask him to guide me through this next chapter.


Leslie said...

30 isn't so bad. If your life were a house, your twenties are when it's built. Your thirties are when you get to decorate it, which honestly, is the best thing about having a house. You've accomplished so much in the past ten years. I can't wait to see what the next ten bring you.