Friday, February 19, 2010

Nothing Like Getting Smacked With A Dose Of Reality

There is this show that Aaron is really into right now called Sid the Science Kid.  It seems like a pretty good show and it keeps him entertained in the morning while my coffee is still kicking in.  There is this little song that Sid sings every morning which goes like this...

I like to think that I am a cool Mom and when Sid sings this song, I get down with my bad, super cool self and do a little Awesome Mom dance.  That is until yesterday when Aaron smacked me upside the head with a dose of cold, hard truth.

Me:  (Doing my little Super Cool Mom Dance)  Mommy's a cool mom, huh!
Aaron:  Um....
Me:  Don't you think that Mommy is cool?
Aaron:  Well, I don't think that you are cool, but I do think that you are pretty.
Me:  (Mouth hanigng open for a second)  Well, I'll take that.

And I danced my cool self into the next room because kids don't know anything.