Thursday, February 18, 2010

This Post is About Snow and Ears. It Will Come Together, You'll See.

I'm not really sure how life can be so hectic when there is absolutely nothing going on, but that is how things have been lately.  Thanks to wonderful Mother Nature, Aaron was off of school for an entire second week in a row this week which means that in the last three weeks, he has been to school twice.  TWICE!  To add to the misery, the weather gods are predicting more snow for Sunday and I have heard everything from ten inches to ninety-five.  I am kind of starting to lose it being trapped inside all of the time with no hope of ever seeing other human beings except my kids and husband, who are great and all, don't get me wrong.  It's just that I am starting to wonder if I am in some Twilight Zone episode where the rest of the world has been eaten by zombies and we are the only ones left except that Mike is really a zombie too and he is just toying with us until he is hungry for more brains.


We did have to go out yesterday because Elyse needed to have ear tubes placed.  If you have been following her ear saga, then you know that there has been this spot on her ear drum that the docs have been watching for more than a year now.  Well, they did a CAT scan to get a better look at the spot and what they found was a whole lot of fluid which obscured their view of the spot.  So, the pediatric ENT decided that tubes would be her best bet and while he was placing them he got to take a look at the spot under a microscope.  Thankfully, he believes that the spot is in fact a birthmark that should just fade as she gets older.

The crazy thing is that the fluid has absolutely nothing to do with the spot and if we hadn't been watching the spot, we wouldn't have noticed the fluid, which could have potentially damaged her hearing if it was left for too long untreated.  So, I guess that we should thank the spot for giving us the heads up.  Thank you spot!

She was a real trooper and didn't fuss much at all.  While we were waiting for her turn in the OR, a nurse brought over a little car that she could ride around in to keep her distracted because she was starting to get a little restless and wanted to roam the halls.  She LOVED that car.  It had the most annoying horn on it which she thought was wonderful.  We had parked it in the hall briefly while she went into the exam room to get Blankie and before we could get back out there, the anesthesiologist walked by and must have thought that we were done with it because he took it; STOLE it!  She was heart broken and kept crying, "Beep, beep.  My beep, beep."

Despite the grand theft auto, this hospital was great and everyone there was fantastic with little ones.  I was even allowed to carry her back into the OR and I held the little mask on her face to put her to sleep.  I had been prepping her all morning about the mask and I would put my hand over her mouth to show her what it was like.  When the time came she just sat there as good as gold and let me do it with out any trouble at all.  Less than a minute later, she was out cold. 

The entire surgery took less than ten minutes and only ten minutes after that I was able to go back to recovery with her.  Because she had woken up so quickly, she was pretty disoriented and was very upset, but it wasn't anything that two popsicles couldn't cure.  As soon as she had calmed down, they let us take her home.  She was asleep less than five minutes after we got on the road and she slept the entire way home which was just over an hour.  When we got home, she was awake and in better spirits than we have seen her in quite a while.

I am just so glad that this is done and we can just relax now.  She does need ear plugs every time she gets a bath and for swimming, but that is a small price to pay to have everything done and for it to have turned out so well.  A pain in the ass price, but a small one nonetheless.  I just hope that her ears aren't too sensitive now because if we do get more snow this weekend, I am going to scream more than Jamie Lee Curtis in all of the Halloween movies.


Tina said...

I hope Elyse ears will be getting better soon. I think Isaiah needs tubes as well. We shall see.