Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It’s Stuff Like This That Makes it So Hard to Stay Mad at Her…

Last week was rough. Elyse just seems to have it out for me lately and her every thought typically involves a dastardly scheme to unravel Mommy. So by the time that the weekend rolled around I had pretty much had it with her; until Sunday.

We went to get pizza after church like we most often do and when we were leaving, the kids were begging for quarters to get some piece of crap out of the machines. I relented and gave them each a quarter. Always the girly girl, Elyse automatically went for the machine with the rings. When I was putting her into the van and opening the little plastic egg to reveal her new treasure we had this exchange…

Me: Wow Elyse, this ring sure is beautiful!
Elyse: Ya, it’s like you Mommy.

And I was suddenly ready to tackle another week. Does she know how to work me or what?