Monday, November 22, 2010

No Wonder “Rigging Up the Lights” was Number Two in The Twelve Pains of Christmas.

Today was another rare, but completely gorgeous day in November and I know that there can not be many more of them left. So, I got the bright idea to spend the morning outside with Elyse in an attempt to decorate the house for Christmas. This is what happened…

(You should hear the Twelve Days of Christmas playing in your head while you read this)

While hanging up the Christmas lights I had to deal with this…

12 minutes untangling lights
11 missing twist ties
10 Mommy push me on the swings
 9 near escape attempts by Elyse
 8 games of tag
 7 wipes of a snotty nose
 6 four letter words
 5 regrets that I even started this
 4 strands of lights that don’t work
 3 trips to the shed
 2 phone call interruptions

And Elyse screaming, “Get that off my house!”