Thursday, August 30, 2012

Elyse's First Day of PK

Today my little baby girl went to her first day of preschool…

I work her up just before 7:00 AM and brought her out to a hot plate of pancakes. She sat at the table pretty sleepy, and I started worrying that we could be in store for some major drama, but she quickly turned things around, and never have we had such a pleasant getting ready, morning experience.

She and Aaron were so sweet together. He has been coaching her for weeks about what to expect, and he has been patiently answering all of her questions. After a BUNCH of smooches, Elyse let Aaron get on the bus, and we started the business of getting dressed.

Everything that I asked of her she said, “Ok, Mama.” She knows what calling me “Mama” does, and she was killing me with the cute. She let me brush her hair without any issues, and gave me no trouble when I was putting in her adorable pigtails. After she was dressed she said, “Oh, I need to have a necklace,” and we ran back to her room for her little ducky necklace.

Then we went out to the pine tree which is THE first day of school photo area….

She was SOOOOooo excited to get going. We hopped in the van and headed for school. She had to take Blankie with her, but she was ok with leaving him behind in the van after a big squeeze. We shut the van door and she called back, “By Blankie, I love you!” Urgh, my heart!

When we got to the class she went right in, took off her coat, and got right to the business of starting class. She didn’t hesitate for a second. I am so proud of her enthusiasm. Mike and I left the school a little sad, but mostly so excited for this next step.

Sitting here alone in the house seems so strange. It’s been eight years since I have been home alone during the day. The quiet is deafening, not that that is a totally bad thing.

I am excited to go and get her at 2:00 PM. I can’t wait to hear all about her day, and how much fun she had on her first day of preschool. She is going to do just great…I can feel it.