Saturday, January 2, 2010

The First Aaronisms of 2010

While out on a hike with his Daddy:

Aaron: Did somebody build that waterfall with a bulldozer?
Mike: No, God put it there. And he put these trees here too.
Aaron: Did God build those houses?
Mike: No, but houses are made out of wood and where does wood come from?
Aaron: Lowes?

When Aaron and Mike go on their hikes, they like to take "talkie walks" to talk back and forth to each other.

Aaron doesn't use Q-tips in his ears.  He uses "those white ear picker things."

On our way back from the mall:
Aaron:  Mom, do you know what Aunt G's favorite elf is on Snow White?
Me:  You mean dwarf?
Aaron:  No, elf.  G's favorite elf is "Sophie."
Me:  You mean that G's favorite DWARF is DOPEY?
Aaron:  Dopey?  That elf is Sophie.

And round and round we went.

On yet another car ride home:
Aaron:  Let's drive home past where you and Daddy used to live.
Me:  Well, Mommy didn't live with Daddy when he was in the apartment.  We weren't married then.  I visited Daddy, but I didn't live there.
Aaron:  Where did you live?
Me:  With Grandma Rose and Pack Jack.

-moment of quiet-

Aaron:  Mom?
Me:  Yes, Aaron?
Aaron:  Did you live on the roof of Daddy's apartment?
Me:  ?!?!?!?!  Um, no.  I lived with Grandma and Pack.
Aaron:  (laughing) Oh yeah.  Don't tell Daddy I said that.