Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dear Elyse...

I am going to overlook the fact that when we were shopping the other day, you tried to bite every bagel through the bag which would have caused Aaron to have an apocalyptic meltdown when his precious bagels were not the right shape and covered in teeth marks.

I will forget that for every three items that I put into the cart, you threw out two causing me to stop in the middle of every isle, holding up other Wal Mart shoppers, and otherwise becoming the customer that everyone else avoided when they saw us down an isle where they needed to matter how much they needed that Cap N' Crunch, or Diet Pepsi, or Preparation H.

I will even disregard the incident in the dairy isle when, after I placed a package of pudding snacks into the cart, you somehow, in a matter of mere seconds, snapped them up, removed a snack pack, and actually opened it thus requiring me to wrestle it out of your hands, stash it in an inconspicuous place, and then ninja another package before anyone was any the wiser which then resulted in your explosive, albeit impressive for your size, tantrum that caught the eye of nearly every passerby in the store.

I am willing to put all of this aside because, my dear little princess, one day you are going to grow up, you are going to marry your Prince Charming, and hopefully give me many adorable grandchildren. And when you do...I am going to LAUGH because pay backs are a nasty, nasty bitch.



Tina said...

Aren't kids so cute? I have had the same epidodes in the stores. Makes me NOT want to shop and I like to shop!