Monday, May 31, 2010

Now I Feel All Warm and Fuzzy Inside

This morning I was updating my blog and catching up on the work of my favorite bloggers when I got a wonderfully, fantastic surprise; I got my first ever blog award! Ta Da! My good friend Dave from My Grimm Reality gave me this:

The rules state that I am to nominate ten other bloggers and share this cute, squishy little bear with them. My blog list is a bit small, but here are the people that I follow religiously:

My Mommy's Place, My Grimm Reality, Life and More, Lots More, and Wiping Up Snot.

Leslie from My Mommy's Place and Dave from My Grimm Reality already have the award, but they are both a part of the reason that I started blogging and I adore their writing so much that I would create my own fluffy, adorable, but seriously prestigious award just for them. I think that it would have a unicorn on it.


Grab your bear and nominate ten people that you love to read. Let's share the love, shall we?


Tina said...

Really cute. Congrats!