Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree, Even When the Tree is Full of Nuts

Aaron got his report card for the second nine weeks of the 2011 school year and he seems to be doing fantastic as always. His teacher commented that, “She is thrilled with his pre-reading skills,” and that, “He is becoming quite the model student.”

As a parent, this is probably one of the most rewarding achievements; to know that our little guy is going out into the real world and is succeeding; even if that real world still takes naps. He seems to take pride in his school work and you could see that all over his face when I was telling Mike about how well he did during this nine week period.

Just yesterday he brought home the last pre-reading book that he needs to master before he can move on to “super books.” Super books, I guess, are regular books with sentences and everything. Watching him learn to read just blows my mind. The bad thing is that Mike and I won’t be able to spell things out for too much longer; “Hey, you wanna go get some I-C-E C-R-E-A-M?”

And now, a few Aaronisms….

Standing in the checkout line at Walmart, Aaron and I were looking at the candy display. He spied the circus peanuts and said, “Hey Mom, is that what they feed people in the circus?”

Driving home from an outing the other night, we were passed by a car going super fast. Aaron said, “Wow, his house must be on fire. People only go that fast when their house is on fire.”

While waiting for the bus one super cold morning...
Aaron: (Wearing his super puffy winter coat) It sure is hard to put your backpack on when you're wearing a fat jacket.

While finishing up in the bathroom...
Aaron: I need to clean my butt good cause I don't want to get butt cavities. Then the doctor will drill my butt.


Anonymous said...

Nothing makes a morning more complete than starting the day with some awesome Aaronisms. He cracks me up and we are sooooo proud of him for doing so good in school! Way to go Monkey!!