Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where the Wild Things Are

So yesterday morning I’m waiting for the school bus outside with Aaron when this conversation takes place…

Aaron: WOW, did you see that ground hog?
Me: Huh, what? No I’m not sleeping standing up. Who’s a round frog now?
Aaron: No, a ground hog. He just came out of the garage.
Me: Oh, man. I missed it. I love ground hogs. Darn.

A couple of minutes passed...

Aaron: Well, ground hogs don’t have tails do they?
Me: Yeah they have tails; little ones I think.
Aaron: Oh, cause that thing had a monkey tail.
Me: (Thinking to myself…What in the hell is living in our garage?) Come again?
Aaron: Yeah, and it was white, and fuzzy, and THIS big; making a big circle with his arms over his head.
Me: Oh, that was a opossum. He was in the garage?
Aaron: Yep! He just walked on out and went into the hedges; you know, back into the wild.

A few more minutes passed and then the bus was there to take my little guy to school. I waved bye and headed back into the house, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t purposely avoid the garage for fear of running into another large, white, fuzzy, monkey tail thing that came from the wild.