Friday, March 9, 2012

Mission Impossible

The time had come. She had been obsessing about this for months; well, honestly, more like seven years. This would be one of the greatest challenges of her career and everything hinged on her ability to pull this off perfectly, quickly, and completely free of error. Nerves could not be a factor here, and so she took one last moment to mentally steady herself before going any further.

She moved through the night with the stealth of a jaguar, knowing exactly where to step and how to move so that she would be completely undetected by her unknowing target.

Steadying her breath, she fumbled with the item in her hand, allowing fear to creep in for only a moment. The switch had to be flawless. Once she went for it, there could be no hesitation or all could be lost.

With the prize in view she went for it, and just like that it was done. Success! She had done it. The transfer was complete. Slowly she backed away and retreated to safety.

Her heart was still pounding as she lowered herself into bed, and looking at her husband she said, “I don’t care what you say. Next time, you’re the Tooth Fairy!”


Leslie said...

Ha ha ha! The Tooth Fairy has one hard job, doesn't she?