Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How a Note From School Ripped My Heart Out and Made Me Cry

Sunday night I was cleaning out Aaron’s backpack for back-to-school Monday and double checking that there wasn’t something that I was supposed to do over the weekend that I didn’t know about because, you know, once I get him home on Thursday I toss the backpack and forget about school for the weekend, when I came across a letter letting us know that preschool graduation is quickly approaching… and then I started to cry. Graduation! I can barely type the word without welling up. OK, I’m lying, I am all teary and fighting to keep myself together.

After I found the note, I went upstairs to tell Mike about it and he said, “Do you think they will wear a cap and gown?” I was like, “What are you trying to do to me? Are you trying to make me cry? Do you want to see me cry? Stop! I can’t handle it!” Then I went to cry some more.

I know that this isn’t as significant as high school graduation and I know that we have a long way to go in the whole school journey, but my little guy is graduating from preschool! If you remember how things started for us this fall then you know what a gigantic milestone this is and how far Aaron has come in the last eight months.

Back in September, when we were heavy into the agony of dragging Aaron to school which he loathed more than the dentist or the threat of cancelling Christmas, I never thought that we would get to this point. I was sure that every single day was going to be a fight and that my little guy was destined to despise school and everything that it stands for, but day by day, and week by week things got a little better. Now, he loves it. He has just this week started staying all day every day and can you believe that when we were talking about school yesterday he actually said that he likes the naps because school is so busy.

…Excuse me while I pick my chin up off of the ground…

HE LIKES THE NAP!?!? What? Are you freakin kidding me? That is what the drama of the last eight months has been all about; the fact that his teacher had the audacity to require him to lie down on a cozy little mat, cover up with a warm fuzzy blanket, and rest for a set period of time. That bitch! And now…he likes it. I will never understand that kid. Ever!

So yeah, anyway, graduation is exactly six weeks from tomorrow. If you happen to see me in the next six weeks please don’t mention graduation…or caps…or gowns. Well, you can, if you want to see me cry, but, that would just be mean.


Grimm said...

Yes preschool graduation is a major milestone for any child. At least what I saw of it...Lucy was being the uncooperative child and I was "elected" to take her into the hall.

Funny, this happens at most piano recitals and ballet performaces as well.

Congrats Aaron! We're waiting for the graduation party invite! Fruit punch and chocolate cookies! Whoo-Hoo!

Amy said...

We aren't even taking Elyse I don't think. I just know she would make a scene, as that seems to be her speacialty.