Friday, September 18, 2009

Like Brother, Like Sister

Aaron and Elyse are so much alike it's scary. When Aaron was a baby I swore that there was no way that our next child could be as ornery as he was, but I was wrong. Elyse is rotten in ways that surpass Aaron so immensely that it boggles the mind. They both, however, managed to get black eyes before the age of two. Here is a picture of Aaron at eight months old sporting a black eye that he got after he fell into the nightstand in his room. (FYI: The right eye is the black one, the rest of the stuff on his face is dinner from that evening)

Here is a picture of Elyse after she was mowed down by Aaron and flung into the end table in the living room on Wednesday. For the record, Aaron pleads that he never saw her, but I doubt a jury of his peers would believe that lame story.

Elyse's doesn't show up real well in this picture, but you get the point. I thought that it was interesting that they both injured the opposite eye. They really are bookends.


Leslie said...

They are both so, so cute. I'll never forget Julia's first black eye. And her second and third. Lucy has only had one black eye, but then she broke her leg, so she wins that one. If you can call it "winning."