Monday, September 14, 2009

A Well-Check and a Half-Day

Elyse had her fifteen month well-check yesterday. As soon as we walked in I knew that we were in trouble because there wasn't a single seat available anywhere, not one. We only stood for a few minutes though before we got a seat, and luckily Elyse was only a little fidgety so I was able to occupy her with magazines and Cheerios. Apparently the rest of the waiting room liked Cheerios too because I had a line of kids with their hands out snaked around my chair. This amazed me because under no circumstances would I EVER let my kids take food from a stranger in a waiting room, but no one seemed to mind. All I could think about was, "Theses people have no idea why I am here. Elyse could have Swine flu and here they are just letting me hand their children Cheerios." I also couldn't help but think about the germs that I might be picking up by touching all of those little cootie-covered munchkins.

The entire doctor's visit procedure gives me the willies. Hello, my name is Amy and I am a total germaphobe. I have gotten better since having the kids, but a doctor's office, especially a pediatrician's office, is like germ Mecca; the "it" place to be if you are a germ. I can't help but imagine that every square inch of that place is oozing with bacteria of some kind. So you can imagine how sick I was about not only sitting in the waiting room surrounded by disease and pestilence, but also touching the hands of those carriers.

A good twenty minutes past our appointment we got called back to the exam room. Elyse weighed25lbs 13oz and was 32 1/2 in. long. So she gained a little less than a pound since her twelve month well-check and grew a whole inch. As she is getting taller, she is getting leaner, and she is now down to the 86th percentile for weight but still at the 95th for height. She got an excellent report and the doctor thought that she was a super healthy baby. That's my girl! She did have to get three shots; two vaccines and the flu shot, so she was less than thrilled with the doctor by the time that it was all over. She holds a grudge like nobody's business.

Mike and Aaron met us at the doctor's office so that we could all have lunch together. This was Aaron's first day of preschool with the new shortened schedule and while drop off was a little rough still, Mike said he looked fine when he went in to get him. His teacher also said he did better. Better is good. I'll take better. I don't think that this is something that is going to go away overnight. He still seems very reluctant to fully embrace school and last night when we were putting him to bed he asked, "So when is school going to be over?" Well, not for a good eighteen years Sweetie, but you might get a few snow days.

So Elyse is healthy and Aaron is tolerating preschool. I guess I can't really ask for anymore than that, now can I? So to close, I will leave you with the song that Aaron made up last night before bed:

I love my sheep
I love my sheep
I love my sheep and my sheep love me
I love my rooster and my rooster goes, "Cluck-a-luck-a-doo"
I love my giraffe and my giraffe goes, "Roar!"


Aunt G said...

I LOVE MY SHEEP TOO!!!! Ha ha Maybe I will start to sing his song before I go to bed too.