Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Soccer MVP

Today was Aaron's first day of soccer and he did fantastic! He absolutely loves all sports and this was the first time that he was able to participate on an actual team. It was the first time this week that we got to see the real Aaron after the traumatic week that he had at school.

Mike and I were both so proud of him. Everything that the coach had him do, he tried his hardest and actually did really well.

I'm pretty sure that he would have ran the field all day if they would have let him. He is one of those kids that could just go and go until he collapses.

He was the first on his team to score a goal; his first of five that he scored today. Sure one of those times he almost scored for the other team, but he was able to get turned back around, bring it back up field, and score another point for his team.

Elyse was there with us and she was Aaron's loudest cheerleader. She loves her big brother and she clapped every single time that she heard anyone else clap, even if it was for the other team.

After the week that this poor guy had at school, I was so glad that this went well for him. He is on a team with one of his playgroup buddies, Sam, and we found out that one of his classmates is on that team too. This was just the thing that he needed to bring his spirits back up and after scoring five goals, I think he will be floating on cloud nine for quite a while. Way to go Aaron. We love you !


Leslie said...

I love the pictures! Go Aaron!