Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Best Day Ever!

While I am NOT a Sponge Bob fan, I find that there is only one song that can sum up my day thus far and this is it:

Today has been so super fantastically awesome that after you hear about it, you are going to want to come over and rub my belly for good luck. I won't let you, but you're gonna want to do it. So sit back and enjoy the retelling of The Best Day Ever!

When I woke up this morning, I was fairly certain that the day would suck because I had my days all mixed up thanks to Survivor airing on a Wednesday. Stupid Survivor! Anyway, while I was enjoying my morning coffee, I decided to check American Eagle’s website to see if by any chance they had their jeans on sale because I am in desperate need of a new (smaller, whoo hoo) pair. And do you know what? They WERE on sale. They are half off right now. Score! Now I won’t be that lady that you get stuck behind in Wal Mart that is constantly pulling her pants up every time she has to bend over to pick something up off of the shelf.

Next, I got the kids in gear and dropped Aaron off at school. I decided to take Elyse to my mother-in-law’s so that I could finish the Easter shopping and spend some quality time at Target. Janice was more than willing to watch her (Sucker!) and I was more than willing to escape (Smart!). On my way there I had a stroke of genius and I stopped off at Mc Donald’s to get a cup of coffee. Now, I love Target. Getting to stroll through Target without kids is like actually getting to experience that happy place that you go to in your head when you’re, oh I don’t know, cleaning a baby covered in her own feces. But strolling though Target without kids AND with a large cup of hot coffee makes me want to marry Target and have its babies. I really love me some Target.

After my incredibly awesome Target experience, I ran up to Wal Mart. As I was innocently walking down the ice cream isle, I found a huge stash of Ben and Jerry’s new Maple Blondie flavor which Mike and I have been stalking with limited success for quite some time. We love maple anything. If you cut us, we bleed maple. Finding more than one of these rare gems was almost too much to handle, but somehow I pulled it together and stocked up. I’m not going to say how many I bought, but I will say that it was more than one and definitely less than thirty-five.

Right after the ice cream discovery, I thought that I was having a pretty unbelievable day and I wanted to rush home before anything bad could happen that would screw it all up, but little did I know the best was yet to happen.

So I am driving down the road and there is this truck that is coming up on my left side and is about to pass me. As it drove by, I noticed that it was hauling something. Do you know what it was hauling? Come on, guess! You’ll never guess! Guess! Ok, I’ll tell you. It was hauling a life size replica of…


As in Scooby Doo! THE Mystery Machine! Right next to me! I literally, out loud said, “OH MY GOD!” Besides hauling the Mystery Machine, the guy driving the truck was also hauling ass and I couldn’t catch up to him to get a picture from the side, but I did manage to get this shot from behind.

Ok, so I realize that the resolution is just about as bad as it can be, but I swear to you that THAT is THE Mystery Machine!

Now I think that I am going to lock myself in the closet and not come out till tomorrow to insure that this remains…The Best Day Ever!