Monday, March 15, 2010

Nothing Good Can Come From Springing Ahead

I was just telling my mom this afternoon that I am so happy that I started this blog because one day I hope that the kids will sit down to read all of these posts and they will get a little better understanding of why their mother is completely and totally insane. Take last night for example...

It was that unfortunate time of year when the clocks spring ahead an hour and chaos and confusion reign supreme while schedule oriented families such as ourselves struggle to regain order and control. Everybody slept late and when bedtime rolled around an hour earlier than usual we opted to give the kids an extra half an hour of TV time before forcing them to retire for the evening. At first, Aaron found this deal to be a bunch of crap and he whined about how he wanted to watch a bunch of shows, and this isn’t fair, and blah, blah, blah. But then he reconsidered his position on the subject and went in the extreme opposite direction by brushing his teeth on his own, hopping into bed, and yelling, “Isn’t anyone going to come and say goodnight?” I will never understand that boy.

So he went to bed, but that didn’t mean that we weren’t going to see him again, and oh boy did we see him. He must have come out of his room thirty different times all for varying reasons with questionable explanations until it got to be about 10:00 PM. Mike and I were still up watching some Everybody Loves Raymond episodes when we started hearing a sound that we couldn’t quite place. We were sure it was coming from Aaron’s room, but it was anyone’s guess as to what he was into. Then, about two minutes later we heard a huge thud and we knew instantly that he had fallen out of his bed…his LOFT bed.

We ran in and found him on the ground, sobbing, and holding his head. He wasn’t really hurt, more scared than anything. I thought for sure that we were going to have to make a late night ER run, but luckily nothing was broken. We’re pretty sure that his head took the brunt of the fall which is lucky for him because he without a doubt has the hardest head of any five year old known to mankind.

When he settled down he told us that he was trying to look out of his window. At what? It’s ten at night and pitch freakin black outside! Boys?!? After we iced him down and Tylenoled him up (what, Tylenoled is a word) he decided that it just might be a good idea to sleep on the bottom bunk for the night. Good thinking Buddy.

Today he seems completely fine except for a small bump on his forehead. He seems to have learned an important lesson regarding bed diving and I think that it will be quite a while before he does anymore late night window gazing. Between Aaron flying out of bed and Elyse stripping and pooping in bed, I am starting to develop a nervous twitch at the very thought of bedtime. Would it be wrong to start tying them to their beds at night?