Monday, March 29, 2010

Even More Aaronisms

After having his teeth cleaned at the dentist he proudly announced that he has no "calories."

During yet another car trip:
Aaron:  Mom, how do babies get in a mommy's belly?
Me:  Well, mommies have an egg in their belly and God puts the baby in the egg.  Then it grows and grows and grows until it is time to be born.
Aaron:  Yeah, and since Elyse didn't have a beak to break out of her egg, the doctor had to take her out huh?

While waiting outside of the salon to get his hair cut:
Aaron:  Mom, do you have any change?
Me:  Well, let me see.  Why?
Aaron:  Cause I don't have anything in my pockets and how am I going to be a man with nothing in my pockets?

While playing in a mud puddle outside, he stops, comes over to me, and says, "Mom, I love you too much!"

On our way home from school Aaron said:  (In a really sad voice)
"Mom, when I get married, I'm not going to ever get to see Elyse again and I can't marry HER either!"

Mike had just finished running on the treadmill and he was tucking Aaron into bed:
Aaron:  You smell good Daddy!
Mike:  I'm all sweaty and gross.
Aaron:  Yeah, you smell like a Daddy.  You smell like a dude!

After passing a man on the side of the road who was chopping trees:
Aaron:  Mom, when I get big and marry somebody, I am going to cut up trees.  I'm still going to be a daddy, but I am going to cut up trees too.  I'm not going to work for money, but I am going to cut stuff up and be a daddy.  Will I have a coach?
Me:  You mean a boss?
Aaron:  Yeah, a boss.
Me:  Well, unless you start your own company you will have a boss.
Aaron:  I just want to cut trees up.


Grimm said...

Wow, you might have to save these up and make a scrapbook - these are PRICELESS!

I love em!

Amy said...

Yeah, I'm so glad that I started blogging because I know that I won't remember half of the stuff Aaron comes up with. I can't wait to start one for Elyse.