Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bald Just Isn't the Look I Am Going For

So I'm kind of freaking out because, well, I have found that, um, I've been loosing a lot of hair lately. I am routinely shocked at how much ends up in the drain after I wash my hair. At first I chalked it up to not being on prenatal vitamins anymore, but let's be honest, Elyse is fourteen months old and stopped nursing at three months, so I have been off of them for quite so time. Then I thought, well, maybe it isn't really that bad, but I am starting to notice that my hair isn't as thick as it used to be and kinda looks a little thin. Not, "Run from the freaky bald lady kids," but just slightly thinner than I am used to. How much longer is this going to go on? Will I eventually have to cut my hair really short to camouflage, or maybe I need to look into Rogaine? Good God how bad is it going to get?

My most recent theory is that, you know, I have lost fifty pounds since January, and maybe the dieting has taken a toll on my body. I haven't been taking vitamins like I should be and so maybe I am just a little deficient in some mineral. In an effort to save my remaining follicles, I have started trying to remember my daily multivitamin and I have also added Biotin, aka Vitamin H. In my Google research about why I am slowly becoming Mr. Clean, I have found that having a vitamin H deficiency is a cause of hair loss.

So keep your fingers crossed that the supplements start to kick in, otherwise I am going to have to invest in a lot of Blossom hats, and nobody wants to see that trend come back.


Leslie said...

I lost a lot of hair after I had Julia. I didn't have bald patches or anything, but my hair has been thin ever since. Stinkin' kids!

If you aren't into the hat thing, you could always go for a do-rag. That'd set you up to either buy a Harley or become the first mom rapper. Yo yiggity yo!