Monday, August 24, 2009

My Tiny Princess, With Just a Touch of Evil

Elyse is cutting molar number three which means we are in hell. It makes sense because her last horrific round of teething was a little over a week ago, so yeah, we're due. I won't get into what it has been like to live with a minion of evil because I think that I explained it fully the last time we went through this. Even though she has been very difficult to live with, there was one small bright spot last night.

It was about 3:30 AM and Elyse started crying. I went in to check on her and knew immediately by the aroma that filled the air that she was crying for good reason. So I got her all cleaned up, new fresh powdered bottom, gave her the pacifier, and covered her back up. She looked so peaceful and content. Then I tried to leave the room and all hell broke loose. Ever since she has been cutting this last molar she has not been as willing to go to sleep as she normally is and the incredible wailing brought Mike in to see if I was torturing her.

He tried to soothe her while I went to wash my hands and she was quiet when I got back. This goes without saying, but Elyse is a Daddy's girl. When she wants comforted, she wants Daddy. Oh, Mommy works in a pinch, but if all else is equal she'd really rather have Daddy. Of course my main goal is for her to be happy and content, but I have to admit that there are times when I wish that she would let me comfort her the way she does Mike. Well, last night she gave me the chance.

I sat down in the rocking chair with her, and while she screamed for Daddy for a few seconds, she eventually gave in and let me cuddle her. It's so hard to believe that it has already been fourteen, almost fifteen, months since she and I spent so much time together at that hour nursing. She was so little then and now her legs completely draped over my lap. Then I could walk all around the house with her in one arm, last night it took both to hold her.

I felt like I really got to soak up the moment because unlike fourteen months ago, I wasn't exhausted and completely sleep deprived. I felt like I could have held her there for the rest of the night without ever getting tired; stroking her hair, kissing her cheeks, and just watching her. She has already changed so much. How different will she be this time next year?

Our cuddle time didn't last long, it was probably less than ten minutes later when she squirmed to let me know that she was better and ready to go back to her bed, but for those ten minutes she was my tiny little girl again and it was just her and I in the dark of the night. I love her so much, and I am so grateful that God blessed us with this little princess, even if she does show us her evil side sometimes.


Leslie said...

You've got to love those moments. I think they only last a few moments because how could our hearts take that all the time?