Friday, August 21, 2009

The Open House

Yesterday, Aaron's school held a community open house and we got to go for a tour of the brand new building. His classroom is so cute, with the little tables and teeny, tiny toilet. I can't believe they make toilets so small. He got to see the cubbies where he will hang his jacket and backpack, and he even got to meet his teacher.

Being in the actual room where he is going to spend so much time this year, I couldn't help but imagine what all will take place behind those walls. He is going to make friends there, and learn, and play, and there is going to be so much that I won't get to see. That is really hard for me to get used to, the fact that he is going to be doing things without me, because for four and a half years I have seen it all. I wonder if he is going to be scared, or if the other children will give him a hard time. I hope that he doesn't give other children a hard time. Is he going to have fun? Will he miss me and Elyse?

Walking through those halls, Mike and I both couldn't get over how sending Aaron to school made us feel like real parents. Like somehow we have been pretending for the last four years, but now it is real.

Elyse walked through the halls like she owned the place. She'd peek into a room and then move on. She'd go into some rooms and skip others. I think that when we take Aaron for his first day, she is going to be mad that she doesn't get to stay. I can hear the wailing now. "But why do I have to stay home with Mommy? What have I done to deserve this fate?" Sorry, Charlie, Aaron had to deal with it, now it's your turn.

PS. I realize that this is sort of a lame post, but I have had a cold for four days and my brain isn't quite firing. I'll try harder next time I swear.


Leslie said...

I remember feeling the same way when Julia went to preschool. Wait until your first parent-teacher conference!