Saturday, August 8, 2009

My First Post...Can't You Just Feel the Excitement?

I have been contemplating starting a blog for a long time now. I thought that it would be a nice way to start writing again, a good opportunity to record all of those little things that make life crazy, err fun, but most of all, I wanted to record my journey as a mother and all that comes with that title. The last four years have been filled with many highs, lows, and in betweens, and I am afraid that one day I am going to wake up and forget what this time was really like. So, here it is, my first post...enjoy.

Summer is drawing to a close, and I find myself, as I usually do, regretting that we didn't do more with our time. So instead of just letting summer pass by, I decided that we would just start doing things, dishes be damned. After dinner, Aaron and Mike went outside and started collecting firewood for a camp fire while Elyse and I went out to buy smores supplies.

Elyse is just still too little to be around a camp fire, so I got her cleaned up and put her to bed while the boys got the fire started. Aunt "G" and Uncle "D" came over and we commenced Operation: Make yourself Sick on Smores. We all succeeded. It was a wonderful evening. Aaron ran around chasing fireflies while the adults got to talk and tend the fire. I think that I am still high on all of the family togetherness. Too often I get caught up in what it is going to take to make these things happen instead of just doing them. So now I am on a mission to do more family things and focus on the fun, rather than the work involved.

So what's next for the Hick's family? Maybe we'll load up the Wagon Queen Family Truckster and head to Walley World.


Leslie, your biggest fan said...

I have been feeling the same way about summer. That's why I forced the girls to go on a four mile walk with me earlier this week. They mostly rode in the wagon. I ended up sunburned and sore, but hey! We did something!

I am so excited that you started a blog! I think you're going to love it, Amy. Plus, you have a real talent for writing! I can't wait to read more of what you write.

Grimm said...

Whoo-Hoo, welcome to blogging nation! And I am your first follower of what will be many I am sure!