Monday, August 10, 2009

O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

Elyse is in love. Yes, I know, she is only fourteen months old, but love knows no age. Who is her beloved you ask? Here are some clues. He is red, fuzzy, has a working knowledge of his A,B,C's, and has mad counting skills. Yes, her true love is Elmo. I am surprised that she has such a deep love for this character because Aaron paid little attention to these kinds of things until he was close to two years old. Elyse, however, has adored Elmo since she was about ten months.

It started innocently enough. We were strolling through the toy isle at Target when he caught her eye, and she started frantically pointing in his direction. I thought that it was interesting because at that point she had never seen Sesame Street, nor had she been formally introduced to Elmo, but that was it. She was hooked. Now she has Elmo cups, toys, clothes, you name it, she has it. Her first birthday party was Elmo themed, complete with Elmo-shaped smash cake. Just the other day she saw a picture of him and said "Elmo" for the first time.

I think that it is sweet that a baby so young has such a love for something. Will this love stand the test of time, or will another Muppet catch her eye? Perhaps a huge, annoying purple dinosaur will lead her astray. While she does enjoy a good Barney episode, I think for now it seems clear that Elmo is her one and only.


Leslie said...

Lucy loves hims, too. That Elmo is a ladies monsters!